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Introducing . . . 


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Congratulations bright star,

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You've done it.  
You've achieved on multiple levels.  
You've won.  
You know it and everyone around you knows it.  

So now what?

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Now that . . . 

These achievements are starting to feel less rewarding . . .
the accolades less flattering . . . 
even the big wins seem less satisfying to you . . . 

Do you dare

to consider the possibility

That the deepest part of you is yet to be discovered?

That your greatest chapter is yet to be written?

That your most profound story and satisfaction are yet to be lived?

There is no cookie-cutter solution
for that indescribable
ache of curiosity inside of you

There is no straight path to NEXT for you.

I know because

I've tried it all.

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I was lucky enough to explore early and under the tutelage of gifted, experienced experts in their respective fields.

healing arts,
tribal wisdom . . .

All of which yielded deep and rich transformation for myself, and subsequently, others. 

Seed of life tan.png

 . . . with secrets yet to be revealed.

A profound, life-force-energy light that is begging to be discovered, uncovered, nurtured.

Waiting for your permission to illuminate the paths and possibilities that have been invisible to you.

Until now.

Holding out for your rise in desire and your alignment with the potential of where they might lead . . .

If you've already dared greatly and shone brightly?
If you've already achieved at the highest level and are honestly just not sure what's next?


there is a light shining deep inside of you . . .

YOU know

Black on white topography drawing.jpg

Time to uncover that multidimensional illumination hidden inside of you and reveal those secrets to your greatest success, joy, love, creativity, and satisfaction.

Give yourself the space and time to explore what you're uniquely designed for, for what's next.

Come join me for the most rewarding journey of this lifetime.  

Let's design your


CONSCIOUS GAP YEAR is for those brave explorers ready to traverse the furthest corners of themselves.  

It is a deep, bespoke journey using carefully curated nuances from an array of metaphysical modalities to reflect your unique energy signature back to you.  

Shed light on the aspects of you ready to be awakened and put into play in the world.

Throughout your CGY journey, you will:

  • discover your unique energy signature
  • open new pathways to creativity
  • re-ignite your life force energy
  • satiate that curiosity for what eludes you
  • actively create the success and satisfaction you've been craving
Leave behind the deadlines and KPIs, the awards and accolades you've grown accustomed to measuring yourself by.

Embrace, instead, a deep understanding of yourself and the meaningful touchstones along the way that mark true integration into your fullest self.

Streamline your decisions, interactions, and actions into their most confident, clear, and potent versions and allow yourself to flow freely toward the most dynamic and impactful chapter of your life.


You're here now, and the time is now

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