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My professional truth:

I went broad for the first part of my career.  After earning a degree in Communications, I followed the marketing path through a variety of industries including fitness, wellness, lifestyle, design, interiors, and real estate development, all boasting the common thread of providing a luxury product, service or experience.  
The breadth of my experience as an employee, an independent consultant, and finally a business owner gave me a view of business and marketing strategy from all angles and the opportunity to curate the best of the best in PR, advertising, graphic design, copywriting, and photography resources.  This diversity is exactly what allows me to now go DEEP with clients with a pool of knowledge that supports every aspect of who they are and what they want to create.





My personal truth:

Early in life, I learned to quench my curiosity for understanding different cultures, beliefs, and how others make their way in the world by diving in feet first.  This led me across the globe to Russia at 16 to experience life in a communist country, then later to the pilgrimage route of Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain, and even living abroad as an expat for several years.
I simultaneously explored my natural abilities as an intuitive and empath.  Studying with accomplished teachers and healers in a variety of religious and mystic traditions taught me to hone my skills of sensing, interpreting, and moving energy.  My tool box now overflows with a broad range of healing modalities, visualizations, guided meditations, movement techniques, breath work, sound and vibrational therapies just to name a few . . . 
I love helping my clients anchor ancient wisdom into the modern practicality of running their lives and businesses. 

Putting it to work for YOU

Intuitive Alchemy     Sacred Strategy     Multidimensional Success

Ready for more?

At my core, I am a catalyst, a facilitator, a curator, an alchemist.  Coaching has unlocked the best of all I have accumulated as a business person and as a healer.  

I started the Conscious Gap Year movement because I wanted to create an accelerated and integrated pathway to true satisfaction.  Instead of the 30 years it took me to accumulate and assimilate the magic of all the information and transformational experiences I was fortunate enough to live, I've created the most succinct yet expansive pathway for you to do the same.  In one year.  A fully bespoke, guided journey into YOU.

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Jennifer Bristol private coaching options


Choose from 1:1 ongoing coaching, intensives, or destination intensives.

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My most luxe offer.  

Custom curated, deep dive with unfettered access and a LIVE component.

Let's talk!


If you're ready for a deeper conversation about what's next for you, I invite you to reach out and schedule a time for us to talk.

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