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Chiron Return

An invitation . . .

back to yourself

Once in each lifetime, every human being will experience a chiron return

In astrology, chiron represents wounds and opportunity for growth.

It happens around the age of 50.  

Your chiron return brings with it:

An awareness . . . that my time is not limited

An invitation . . . to revisit

A pathway . . . to focus, get into action, and prepare for maximum impact in your fifties and beyond.


There is, however, a light shining deep inside of you with secrets yet to be revealed.

A profound, life-force-energy light that is begging to be discovered, uncovered, nurtured.

Waiting for your permission to illuminate the paths and possibilities that have been invisible to you. Until now.

Holding out for your rise in desire and your alignment with the potential of where they might lead . . .

Seed of life tan.png

I know because . . .

I've tried it all.

I was lucky enough to explore early and under the tutelage of gifted, experienced experts in their respective fields.

Energy, psychology, neuroscience, metaphysics, healing arts, somatics, movement, meridians, tribal wisdom, 

I've in turn, taught teachers and coaches and healers and leaders.

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